Refurbished PC & Server

Many organization strive to minimize IT expenditure, especially in the area of PC purchased as this contribute to a large part of the cost. Technology moved at a very fast pace, there is no reason to keep up with the latest if the employee job does not requires such a fast processing computer. Evotech Solutions refurbished PC are priced reasonably & they are all good quality with wide range of specification that can cater for different needs of the organization.

  • Branded refurbished PC ranging from HP/ DELL/ Lenovo/ Mac
  • Wide range of selection model from Intel i3, i5, i7 to Xeon.
  • All hardware are professionally checked and reinstalled with original license (COA).
  • Backed by warranty from Evotech Solutions.

Outsource Services & Preventive Maintenance

Hiring an IT Employee for an organization maybe a thing of the pass, as many are switching to outsourcing their IT to reduce total cost of ownership. This will guarantee that the business will have quality IT support without hassle of hiring & maintaining staff. In Evotech Solutions, we called this “Off-Site IT Department”

  • 3-Levels of support base on SLA, from phone, to remote and on-site.
  • Planned preventive maintenance which will reduce the breakdown occurrence in all PC & Server. Preventive are done on both hardware & software.
  • Support Engineer specialize in all range of PC/ Server/ Network and IT Infrastructure related problems.

Disaster Recovery Services

In this new era, almost everything is being stored digitally. Data in the computer & even mobile devices became an important factor in every business needs. Therefore the organization needs to implement a solution to tackle situation from a disaster so that business can continue to run.

  • Backup solution for any PC / Mobile Devices / Server / NAS / Cloud services.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) consultancy & Business Continuity Management.
  • Information Security Assessment & Implementation.

Infrastructure Management

We specialize in managing a server room from ground up. Whether is a small office or large corporation, we are abled to provide a solution to meet your needs.

  • Building server room.
  • Network equipment supplies & configuration.
  • Structured cabling management.

IT Training & Consultancy

We performed customize training base on client requirement. Our consultancy covers from technical to non-technical advices.